The Genetic Programming Videos

Last December John Koza published on Youtube the four companion videos to his Genetic Programming books. These are around 1h videos that came originally as a DVD with the books. These are good videos, even though the field has progressed a lot since then, but they are very interesting to learn the essential ideas and … Continue reading The Genetic Programming Videos

AlphaFold: the best in 2020

If you ask me what was the best AI/ML result in last year, it was definitely AlphaFold! Forget OpenAI‘s GPT-3. AlphaFold is the real important result. In short, this is what research in AI/ML should aim for: to advance, or even solve, important scientific problems questions. I was very impressed with the results achieved with … Continue reading AlphaFold: the best in 2020

Recent Must Read AI Books

End of last year I finally managed to start reading more often again. It also helps when you read engaging books since you can’t put them down. From the selection I read, three books stand out. Three AI related books, where they are close on the topics they discuss, especially two of them. By reading … Continue reading Recent Must Read AI Books

Reflections on the Last Decade

As 2020 is just starting and many summaries, thoughts, etc., regarding the last 10 years appear around you, it’s almost unavoidable to do the same exercise. Even though I don’t have the habit of just recollecting everything that happened in the past years, much less in a decade. Still, when I started thinking a bit … Continue reading Reflections on the Last Decade