The Genetic Programming Videos

Last December John Koza published on Youtube the four companion videos to his Genetic Programming books. These are around 1h videos that came originally as a DVD with the books. These are good videos, even though the field has progressed a lot since then, but they are very interesting to learn the essential ideas and … Continue reading The Genetic Programming Videos

GP code on Github

Some time ago I got an email asking for the code of one of my old papers. Unfortunately the code was lost. But that reminded me that I still had some other code that could actually be made available. Essentially, some Genetic Programming (GP) libraries that I did around seven years ago (which in turn … Continue reading GP code on Github

Evolution and Deep Neural Networks

In the last few weeks, a few papers containing evolutionary techniques applied in the context of deep neural networks have been published. For someone with a background on evolutionary computing and interested in everything that is bio-inspired, these are great news! Recently we’ve seen: Evolving Deep Neural Networks , Genetic CNN, Large-Scale Evolution of Image … Continue reading Evolution and Deep Neural Networks