Paper Accepted at PPSN 2008

I got accepted my first paper related to the work done in INRIA, at the 10th International Conference on 

Parallel Problem Solving From Nature. The event will take place in Dortmund, Germany, from September 13th until the 17th. The interesting fact about PPSN is the conference format. From the website:

“all accepted papers will be presented during small poster sessions of about 16 papers. Each session will contain papers from a wide variety of topics, and will begin by a plenary quick overview of all papers in that session by a major researcher in the field. Past experiences have shown that such presentation format led to more interactions between participants and to a deeper understanding of the papers.”

I agree that this might motivate the interaction between participants and thus, everyone will benefit much more from the event. I’m curious and I wish it will be a nice event since I’ve never been to PPSN before.


4 thoughts on “Paper Accepted at PPSN 2008

  1. Hi Jorge
    My paper was also accepted for publication at PPSN.
    I hope to see you in Germany
    All the best

  2. Jorge Tavares

    Hi Anabela!

    That’s great :-)) I am counting on going there so it will be nice to meet you in Germany!


  3. You’ll enjoy it, and the poster format is great.

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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