Professional Change

After many years in academia doing research, I’ve recently joined the software industry. I am now working at Microsoft, specifically, at their Search Technology Center in Munich. It’s an exciting and challenging work! I will continue doing my Common Lisp explorations in my free time and talk about them in here as before (disclaimer: the … Continue reading Professional Change

zsort: portable sorting algorithms in Common Lisp

zsort is a library that I started working on as a simple hobby project. More or less around the same time I decided to check which algorithms the different Common Lisp implementations use. It is now part of Quicklisp so it can be easily used (thanks Zack!). The main goal of zsort is to be … Continue reading zsort: portable sorting algorithms in Common Lisp

Best Paper Award at EuroGP 2012

Last week I was at EuroGP where I presented my latest paper “Automatic Design of Ant Algorithms with Grammatical Evolution” (pdf, slides) and it won the Best Paper Award! I am very happy with this distinction since EuroGP is the leading conference on Genetic Programming attended by the best researchers in the field. In this … Continue reading Best Paper Award at EuroGP 2012

Book review: The Tangled Web

For the past couple of months I’ve been reading The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications by Michael Zalewski. The book was published by no starch press and they were kind enough to provide me a copy for review. I enjoy reading about topics outside my main field and interests. It’s a … Continue reading Book review: The Tangled Web

Macros Design Patterns

I was reading the thread What are some fun or useful macros? on reddit and it reminded me of another thread that appeared in the Pro mailing list. These kind of threads are always enjoyable because each time you learn something new and see really interesting things. While reading them, it crossed my mind that … Continue reading Macros Design Patterns