Best Paper Award at EuroGP 2012

Last week I was at EuroGP where I presented my latest paper “Automatic Design of Ant Algorithms with Grammatical Evolution” (pdf, slides) and it won the Best Paper Award! I am very happy with this distinction since EuroGP is the leading conference on Genetic Programming attended by the best researchers in the field. In this … Continue reading Best Paper Award at EuroGP 2012

EuroGP 2011 Best Paper Nomination

Just received an email with good news! The paper that I got accepted at EuroGP was nominated for Best Paper! The work that I started last year is starting to get some good feedback which is great :-) This paper describes the approach I have developed (in collaboration with Francisco B. Pereira) to evolve pheromone … Continue reading EuroGP 2011 Best Paper Nomination


I’ve decided to take a more serious look at CiteULike as a way to keep a list of my publications and, most important, to start a reference library. Why? Well, first it’s easy to keep your publications and have some additional services attached: tags, comments, easy export, links, etc. Second, having a livrary of articles … Continue reading CiteULike