Back from PPSN X

Just got back from PPSN 2008 and I enjoyed it very much. It was my first time at this conference and I believe the poster only format, absence of parallel sessions and a summary presentation of the papers by the session chair works very well. You are given a quick overview of the papers, having a bit … Continue reading Back from PPSN X

Bio-inspired Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem

And it seems our book is almost out! Springer already put it on its website and it’s announced in and UK. This book is part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence series and has some of the most recent advances of evolutionary approaches to VRP variants. I can hardly wait to see it on … Continue reading Bio-inspired Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem


I’ve decided to take a more serious look at CiteULike as a way to keep a list of my publications and, most important, to start a reference library. Why? Well, first it’s easy to keep your publications and have some additional services attached: tags, comments, easy export, links, etc. Second, having a livrary of articles … Continue reading CiteULike

Paper accepted at HIS 2008

And the second paper related to the work done in INRIA is accepetd, at the 8th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems. The event will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from September 10th until the 12th. From their website:  “The objectives of HIS 2008 are: to increase the awareness of the research community of the broad spectrum of hybrid … Continue reading Paper accepted at HIS 2008

Paper Accepted at PPSN 2008

I got accepted my first paper related to the work done in INRIA, at the 10th International Conference on  Parallel Problem Solving From Nature. The event will take place in Dortmund, Germany, from September 13th until the 17th. The interesting fact about PPSN is the conference format. From the website: “all accepted papers will be presented during … Continue reading Paper Accepted at PPSN 2008

Talks at NCRA

The 2nd Natural Computing Research and Applications Group workshop was a success and very interesting. I got the chance to see first hand the work developed at NCRA and I liked it. I found the work of Erik Hemberg on Meta-Grammars & Grammatical Evolution interesting, as well as Sébastien Piccand’s presentation on Optimisation of PSO topology. On a side note, the slides of my talk … Continue reading Talks at NCRA