PPSN 2010: Epilogue

These last days I was at PPSN 2010 in Krakow, Poland. I must say it was a very good conference, well, at least for me! The main reason was really the feedback I got related to my work. Not only was mostly positive and with some suggestions to where I should move forward, I even was able to have a good conversation with one of the actual reviewers of the paper. And since it was a critical review, the talk ended up being quite useful. On top of this, I also manage to have interesting discussions with other participants about some other specifics. I must point out that I really enjoyed the discussions with Alberto Moraglio. Who knows if now I can manage to solve more efficiently an old problem of mine… ;-)

About the conference itself, it really met the expectations. The quality of the works was good and the model just works! You are able to see and be aware of all the different and sometimes very interesting works that get to be accepted. Not having any parallel sessions is the big plus of PPSN. The invited talks were also amazing, specifically by Hans-Paul Schwefel and Zbigniew Michalewicz. The first talk was inspirational in the sense that we should really pay more attention to what is out there in the natural world. The second talk was simply excellent. Michalewicz showed everyone how theory meets the real-world. Definitely one of the best talks I ever seen.

From the scientific point of view, this PPSN was one of the best conferences I’ve attend. The organization was not perfect but I guess it was ok. The space for the posters was very small (the first session was really complicated to walk around and talk to people) and the second room for the tutorials and workshops was a bit far from the main area.

I look forward for the next PPSN in 2012!

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