Lisp meeting in Munich

Yesterday took place the Munich Lisp User Group meeting. The group is a bit irregular in making them, and taken this into account, I think it was successful (there was one planned in November but it didn’t happen; in the meantime, I went to Zürich to attend one ;-)).

Anyway, yesterday there were 2 short talks and a small discussion at the end. Both talks were a bit improvised since the goal was really to have a meeting :-) I started to talk about my hopefully-soon-to-be-released library of pseudo-random numbers generators for Common Lisp, urandom. It was just a small overview of the motivations for doing it, the interface and showing some examples. Afterwards came a very interesting talk, about Lisp in robotics. It was given by Lorenz Mösenlechner, a PhD student at TUM. He showed us some examples of the CRAM, implemented on top of CL, which allows to write flexible and robust robot control programs. He also showed us some videos. Rosie, the pancake-maker was cool :-)

In the end we talked a little about Lisp and exchange some opinions on CL, Scheme, etc. Moreover, everyone was in favor of trying to do more regular meetings. So, the next one should happen in the first week of April (pick your days). Let’s see! :-)

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