EuroGP 2011 Best Paper Nomination

Just received an email with good news! The paper that I got accepted at EuroGP was nominated for Best Paper! The work that I started last year is starting to get some good feedback which is great :-) This paper describes the approach I have developed (in collaboration with Francisco B. Pereira) to evolve pheromone update methods for Ant Systems. The paper only deals with the TSP and the obtained results are promising since it outperforms MMAS. It is the first step to what I am working on, a Self-Ant System. The idea is to let the Ant algorithm find the best components that can help in solving the problem at hand. There is still a lot of work to be done but this is just the start.

4 thoughts on “EuroGP 2011 Best Paper Nomination

  1. Congrats Jorge! Hope you win!

    1. Hi Telmo,

      Thanks! :-) I sincerely doubt I have any chances of winning but getting the nomination it’s a prize by itself. :-)

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